Editing the Chanel Resort Collection

May 14, 2010Fashion

Look, far be it from me to tell the master, Karl Lagerfeld, anything. After all, he is considered the master for many reasons. Karl is also someone that must be surrounded by people who dare not say anything to him that might get him mad, ’cause Daddy Karl looks like someone you do not want to cross. Having perused the new, fabulous Chanel Resort 2011 Collection that was just shown in St. Tropez, frankly, he could stand to have someone…preferably me…stand alongside him to say what should be cut from the show. First of all 87 looks? Really? Yes, he is brilliant…but you’ve got to know that some of these pieces could easily be lived without. What…I am not allowed to say anything? I am surely not trashing Karl on any level. On the contrary. But having worked intimately within the celebrity system, I know firsthand how it works. No one dares tell the star anything besides what they want to hear. So, that said, I am just suggesting that the following looks could have been edited out of the show, and live happily ever after.

This olive drab harlequin 2-piece set...for men...yikes...is beyond fotz. And that fabric looks like some kind of silk crepe or rayon...well...whatever...clearly Manzie galore.

Really? Is any of this good? The skirt is Guess, the Chanel jacket color is feh, and the boots...OK...I get it...thigh highs are in. I can't wait to see these bitches walking around in thigh highs in St. Barts at Christmas.

Like you can't get this outfit at Filene's Basement...rather...Nordstrom Rack. What tragic fashionista needs to buy this at Chanel. There...I said it.

On first glance this looks like a Snuggie.

Just sayin'...

Interesting...but reminds me of this....

Hula skirt.

And a bit of this Berhard Willhelm number.

This is cute...

Not overly flattering.

Nordstom Rack plenty.




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