Ewww. Gossip Girl Collection Launches

Sep 20, 2011Fashion

Introducing the Gossip Girls, a.k.a. The MisShapes, starring Leigh Lezark.

Girl, this is no Gossip. On the contrary. This continues what I just was saying two minutes ago that television will never replace real fashion designers. What it will do, is confuse everyone to thinking that in order to be a Blair Waldorf or a Serena Van Der Woodson, all you need to do is buy off the rack. That’s like saying if you buy the best cookware from Le Creuset, that will make you a great cook. It does not work like that. Having style is something most folks will never really acquire. You can not buy it off a rack. You can buy all the Gossip Girl schmattas you want, but chances are, the pilling will separate you from the real Van Der Woodsens. Who, by the way, doesn’t exist.

Meet the Gossip Boys that own the brand... for lack of a better word.

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