Kardashian vs. Vergara Kollections: Seeing Spots

Sep 20, 2011Fashion

And the Leopard War is on. Or, is Sofia Vergara the long, lost, Kardashian sister?

The war in the Middle East will have nothing on the war that is kicking off at retail between wanna-be-perceived-as fashion retailers Sears versus K-Mart. Think what you want about television stars being the next big fashion statement, but between the similarities between the Kardashian Kollection at Sears and the Sofia Vergara collection at K-Mart, you can just give me a friggen break. Fast fashion is perhaps the saddest thing that happened to the industry. Sure, affordable style is a good thing. But it has run a muck. So, what, now, you can have a supporting role on an overrated sitcom to have your own fashion line? I give up. As should many great real fashion designers.

I don’t care how quickly the Missoni stuff sold at Target. The problem is that anything goes with these cockamamie retail-celebrity partnerships and we get bombarded with their messaging because they have large advertising budgets. That Missoni-Target stuff was one of the top visuals during New York Fashion Week. And Annie Lebowitz’s ads for Kardashian Kollection got more buzz that most designer fall ad campaigns. And to top it all off, on the recent Emmy Awards Red Carpet, we learned about the riveting, new, Hoochie-Mamma collection from Sofia Vergara at K-Mart. Ay, yay yay. Attention K-Mart Shoppers.


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