Smile, You’re On Fashion Candid Camera

Jun 23, 2010Fashion

This is not a is the first look by Umit Benan, Borat's personal stylist.

OK kids, are you ready? Disclaimer: This entry is not a joke. Unless we have all been duped or punked and this is the first episode of Fashion Candid Camera. Presenting a new menswear collection by Umit Benan. It is literally, the most hysterical thing, unless they are really serious, and then in that case, I want to do an interview with Mr. Benan…stat. Because really…it doesn’t get better than this. Without further ado…check out the looks of this Turkish designer’s what-cha-ma-call-it, because frankly, I cannot refer to this as a “collection”. Or maybe we can just call it “The Car Bomber Collection”.

You think I am kidding? This collection is actually featured in Women's Wear Daily AND

There are no words. Where is the hidden camera? Could you imagine being one of the press people that attended this presentation? How did they keep a straight face?

We can also call this The Taxi Driver Collection?

Borat on a bad day.

Here is the review from Women’s Wear Daily:

In homage to his Turkish roots, Umit Benan designed an informal yet luxurious (?!?) wardrobe that would look right at home at an Istanbul café. His presentation set the mood: a delightful tableau of mustachioed men playing backgammon in a leafy courtyard and sipping Turkish coffee — brewed by Benan’s mother.

Even Borat is better dressed than these guys. And the drop crotch is so last season.

See what I mean? (Yes, this is Sasha Baron Cohen.)

How about this: The Emperor's Old Clothes.

Like there are not enough collections to hit the marketplace, this nonsense actually gets covered?

Where is that Fashion Candid Camera? It has to be somewhere in those bushes. I would have loved to see Guy Trebay or Tim Blanks' face when he was handed the press kit.

And what was in the editor's gift bag...worry beads? The Car Bomber's Handbook?

This is Faisal Shahzad, the Times Square Car Bomber, shown here wearing Umit Benan's last season's duds.

Well, at least Umit featured this bright blue in the color he is on trend.

The Umit Benan Man...and the women who love them...blogging. (Click image.)

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