Fashion Celebrates Downtown

Apr 23, 2010Fashion

There is so much hub bub about Anna Wintour‘s planned “world’s largest fashion show” at Lincoln Center during Fashion’s Night Out in September. That bit, coupled with the fact that Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, having been booted from Bryant Park, will also be in the Lincoln Center area is giving me the willies. As a true downtown New Yorker, my heart skips a beat every time I go north of 24th Street. (It used to be 14th Street but I moved to 22nd Street and my friend lives on 24th, hence my new line in the sand.) When you think of all the schlepping that editors, publicists, models, fashionistas, celebrities, and wanna-bees will have to do, well, it is just exhausting. Fortunately, there is a pocket of grooviness that will hold court downtown. I speak of MAC & MILK. The good news is that M&M started a movement that proves “downtown is and will always be cool” and if you ask me, fashion lives downtown. Mazdack Rassi ‘s Milk Studios, the heart of the Meatpacking District will once again pulsate with great fashion shows, intimate presentations, a slew of parties and I can imagine many more surprises. So, as great as Lincoln Center is, and as fabulous as Fashion’s Night Out is, and no matter who else claims that Uptown Girls are the rage….give me downtown, or give me death. Or is it liberty? Who cares, as long as it is downtown. Watch this video by MAC & MILK which proves my point.

Mac & Milk Fashion Week 2010 from Kalvin Lazarte on Vimeo.

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  1. Wendy says:

    Those shows always look like so much fun. Is this actually true or is there a huge amount of hardwark involved too?
    I guess if you love what you are doing then work is fun!

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