Kernels of Dish (Friday)

Apr 23, 2010Breaking Newzzz

Yes, I love Jersey Shore with the rest of you, but really? Snooki is a friggen haggard mess. – SPLASH NEWS

Should Britney Spears wear a bra? All in favor? Yay. All opposed? Nay. Daddy, get the hell out of her underwear drawer. - THE SUN

Little Red Lady Gaga…did she or didn’t she have a face job. - DIGITAL SPY

Awww, the original Gross Baboon is not having a good time of things. Attention all Gross baoons, this could be you! - HUFFINGTON POST

Burberry Make up? Whatever. Celebrities design clothes, coats design make-up? What next? Hairdressers designing Chia Pets? STOP! - THE CUT

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