Homelessness Is In Fashion

Feb 13, 2011Fashion

These are not homeless people, this is fashion.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is in full regalia and there seems to be hundreds of shows and presentations being staged everywhere you turn. Don’t be surprised if that group of homeless people in tattered clothes and pilling blankets isn’t really the hottest, new fashion and coordinated home collection inspired by the 9.5% unemployment rate that is challenging our economy. The designer, Toothless McGee, really does live in a box, and a recyclable one at that, to show how eco-friendly he is. The collection is called “Thrown Money” and the accessories are made from loose change strung together with fishing wire. The photos could have easily been shot by Terry Richardson in the Meatpacking District.

These leopard ballet flats are soo last season.

This lone, leopard ballet flat that was tossed alongside a trash can pretty much says it all. That fashion is what you make of it…and if you don’t make much of it, then you need to get your head examined. That, and, leopard is sooo last season.

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