Grey Skies Are Gonna Cheer Up

Feb 11, 2011Fashion

Grey is the new grey.

I am an avid black wearer. No matter what color is on trend, or whatever fashion editors say is the new black, I wear black. Last season I really started grooving on grey, and by the looks of things, grey is not only the new grey, but it becoming a major staple many people’s wardrobes, surely mine. Yesterday, Mensweek (WWD) did a Vegas preview of Fall ’11, much of which was grey. Fortunately two of the designers included in the piece were clients of mine, MNRKY and Scott James. These two upstart collections are trying to find their niche in the market and you have to give credit to anyone willing to jump into the schmatta business, when all you hear is bad news and lowered expectations. Happily, those reports are not keeping these guys back, rather they are confidently moving forward to stake their claim in this crowded marketplace. Now it is up to the buyers and sellers to come together, like a good OPEC Nations Summit, in Las Vegas, be it at ENK VEGAS or PROJECT, to keep the momentum going.

Scott James grey, soft-shoulder overcoat.

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