How Many Discount Fashion Websites Does It Take To Sell A Little Black Dress?!?

Nov 30, 2010Fashion

Three million to be exact. Is it me or has there been a massive influx of discount fashion online boutiques flooding your in-box, too. Bloggers are becoming e-commerce mavens, retailers are marking down their leftovers, Google has become the latest schmatta peddler, and every designer has launched their own e-commerce outlets…when will it end? What’s Next? A merger between Facebook and Ebay where everyone will have their own Shop page so we will never leave Facebook again? Shall we spend the rest of our time on Earth chatting with people we left behind in grade school while browsing through their crap? Yesterday was Cyber Monday, though frankly, they need to assign the day its own color like Black Friday. Anyhoo, Cyber Monday, which I shall call Green Monday this story, was a huge success. Estimates for Green Monday reached one billion dollars in sales for the day. Wow! One billion dollars. Isn’t that the chump change we spend on tipping in Afghanistan alone? Sure one billion dollars sounds staggering, but let’s put that into perspective, Black Friday racked up an estimated 45 billion dollars…which is the kind of dough allocated to financing a third world county’s anti-ballistic missile program. Check Wiki-Leaks to verify those numbers.

Which brings me to the whole WikiLeaks thing anyway. Like there isn’t enough crap to read on the internet as it is…I now need to paw through endless boring documents about boring people, too? When WikiLeaks gets into the business of celebrity dish…let me know. It’s high time we turned Blind Items into actually facts. Until then, whatever Hillary Clinton is doing to keep me safe and sound is nothing I want to know about. Does the term T.M.I. no longer mean anything to anyone?

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  1. Maurine Ford says:

    Yes! Thank you for putting it into words.

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