Karl Lagerfeld For Magnum…Yikes Or Eek

Apr 25, 2011Fashion


Last night at dinner, my friends and I got into a heated discussion on the difference between “yikes” and “eek”. These are two of my favorite expressions, with eek being the more recent entry to the list of Abe-isms. They both apply to various situations that express discontent with a situation or person. When using yikes, there must have a hint of humor in the situation at hand. Celebrity fashion designers are yikes. Whereas some celebrities, like Charlie Sheen, are an eek. Comprendevous? Anyhoo, speaking of yikes and eek, I watched one of the Karl Lagerfeld videos for Magnum Ice Cream starring Rachel Bilson and Karl’s obsession, Baptiste Giabiconi. First of all, the make-up on Rachel Bilson is terrible. And (B) yes, the boy is adorable but must Karl plop him into every situation that he gets himself into? I mean, he has thrown Baptiste into the Chanel couture shows, many times wearing redonculous outfits, has cast him in every campaign that Karl gets hired to photograph like Hogan and Dior Homme, and in the case of this Magnum commercial, Baptiste gets to show how choppy his acting chops are. Some people are just better advised to smile and look pretty and not do “the acting thing”.

Overall, the Magnum bit is an eek. Life is not a series of behind the scenes photo shoots with temperamental photographers and ice cream eating models. Come on. What models do you know that eat ice cream on set? A celery stalk and some tissue washed down with warm champagne, yes. But Magnum ice cream in between shots? Fotz (another expression that applies here). And spare me the concept of making Magnum the fashionable ice cream. In a country chock full of rotund slobs, most of whom already eat ice cream, the way to switch them over from Hagen Daas or Dove Bars to Magnum is NOT by showing skinny models eating it. Nope. For fat people, showing skinny people is an eek. If you really want to sell a lot of Magnum Ice Cream, have Karl film a bunch of blubbery couch potatoes having sex while eating Magnum Ice Cream. That will lure them in for sure.

Baptise Giabiconi is looking like the Abominable Snow Manzie at this Chanel show. Click here for more of that show.

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