Manzies Marching On

Jun 22, 2011Fashion

Milan continues to show great collections, many are strong and colorful and leaning toward manly-man. One can only be happy for companies that design to be sold. Naturally, a few nelly ditties slip through to the cracks of better judgment to create some magic or drama or giggles. Here they are some Manzies by proxy.

Overall a great collection from Etro, as always, but this outfit would look amazing on an 85 year old woman.

It’s almost Big Edie from Grey Gardens.

This is how I look when I am throwing out my garbage. I grab any layer over my underwear (sometimes boxers, sometimes briefs) in case the neighbor come out.

I rarely, however, throw on a tassel to accessorize.

Another good collection from Thom Browne though the Star Wars Halloween costumes might have been better left off.

Or this Leonardo-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle look.

See what I mean?

Look, I get it, even silversmiths want to look fierce, and Thom Browne is on the case.

This looks like a Manzie For All Seasons.

Womenswear gets the final bridal look and at Moncler, the men get the Dark Vader look. it’s that simple.

Bozo the Clown is the new black.

I swear, this image is from the Bozo collection on

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