Milan In Closing

Jun 22, 2011Fashion

Italian men have the reputation for being sexy, brooding, manly and the overall Spring ’12 season from Milan held steady to that notion. I just barely squeezed enough juice out of the fruit (as it goes) to quench your thirst for a Manzie Report. One can only hope that Paris will have far more tasty fruits in the offing. With that, I give you the final looks from Italy.

Note to Donatella: Do not include these pieces in your H & M thingie.

Because Mona ain't Mona no more.

And neither is her brother.

Note to Ports 1961: If you want in on the men's trench business...

Leave the sleeves on like Burberry does.

A touch of floral for men is OK, don't get me wrong, I'm not that butch...

And neither is he.

We can close this Milan season with Moschino singing, "Everything's Coming Up Roses, This Time For Me."


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