Marc Jacobs To Christian Dior?!?

Aug 22, 2011Fashion

The last Louis Vuitton collection was fantastic.

Paris is burning and I am not talking about Miss Thing and her House of LeBajia or Willi Ninja either. No, word is out that Marc Jacobs may take over the coveted spot at Christian Dior, which would be so fantastic, from a best choice perspective. That job must be given to a press darling, not a competent technician. As the rejiggering gets under way at LVMH, and Celine sweetheart Phoebe Philo is mentioned to replace Marc at Louis Vuitton, that would have the fashion industry have its cake and eat it too—as opposed to “let them eat cake”. This would be very sweet indeed and just desserts for brand that deserves to stay at the top of the heap. After Marc’s last amazing collection for Vuitton, this first show for Dior will be the hottest ticket in town. Let’s just hope that he pulls a Tom Ford and restricts those who can attend. This is no time for democracy.

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