Leigh Lezark: The Emperor’s New Sourpuss

Aug 22, 2011Fashion

Better when she doesn't smile.

Just when we thought it was safe to get out of the water, that the celebrity-turned-fashion-designer trend was coming to an end—hello Sarah Jessica Parker—comes news that fashionista-slash-DJ Leigh Lezark, part of the trinella of sourpusses, the Mishapes, is doing a mini-collection for H & M at Selfridges in London. So, what, now all you need to do to become a fashion designer is know how to borrow clothes? The requirements have gotten so much easier.

Surely pretty, and clearly not stupid, Lezark has made a career out of not smiling while standing behind a turntable flanked by two grumpy henchmen. Before her rise to prominence as the anomaly that she is, Leigh was already pouty and demanding at fashion shows five years ago, which somehow convinced a slew of publicists that she must be front-row worthy. In the same way that “If you build it they will come” so too is “If you act like a douche bag, they will treat you like a somebody”.

Looks like Little Leigh, Happy At Last is turning her sights to acting. She has two movies in the can where she plays a Pin-Up Girl in one and a Young Woman in another. Can you say Oscar? Now without smiling.

Much better.

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