Oy…Lindsay Lohan…Now I Am Sad

Mar 24, 2010Fashion

NEWS UPDATE FROM TWITTER: The World’s Most Reliable Source.

Lindsay's Twitter response to the Ed Hardy nonsense.

Anyone who reads I Mean..What?!? knows that I have been a supporter of Lindsay Lohan since we first met two years ago. But now that I just read in the New York Daily News that she is panning to develop a line of handbags for Ed Hardy, well…that is where I draw a line in the sand. I have been drawing a lot of those lately (scroll down to read about yesterday’s line). But this is a moment of sadness, rather than anger. Most of my readers sent me angry emails when I supported Lindsay in the past. But today, I am just sad for her. Very sad. In the same way that I am sad for Madonna when she wears Ed Hardy to her Kabbalah meetings…which is yikes, as well as sad. Sad because Jon Gosselin and Lindsay Lohan now are designers for Ed Hardy. How does that sound? Sad? Yes…where a malaise sets in and sobbing begins.

Girl, snap out of it already.

Oy, Madonna, head to toe Ed Hardy? Fotz.

Is this the company they want to keep? Whatever.

Michelle "Skank Bombshell" McGee is the inspiration to all this Ed Hardy down market crap.

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2 responses to “Oy…Lindsay Lohan…Now I Am Sad”

  1. BB says:

    not so fast MR.Abe G sir

    here's good news from Lindsay twitter

    fyi….. i am NOT designing for Ed Hardy… JUST 6126 (my line)
    about 13 hours ago via web

    straight from horse mouth

    back to team LL right!

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