Preppy Style Is Back? Oy…Get Me To The Moon

Jun 18, 2009Fashion
The Burka, properly styled is so much fiercer then the typical "Preppy Look", which is in every store.

The Burka, properly styled, is so much fiercer then the typical "Preppy Look", which is filling the racks in every store.

This week, it seems like living in Tehran would be a bit more interesting than in New York City. As an ex-hippie leftover, who took to the streets for any cause back in the 1970’s, clad in frayed Landlubber, orange-stitched, bell-bottom jeans, tie-dyed T-shirts and Nehru jackets, we were strong, we were invincible, we were…well…you know how the song goes. The backlash against Mamoud Ahmadinejad has struck a chord deep in the hearts and minds of the Iranian people, many within the youth culture and somehow, I had a pang of jealousy, because they were…out in force…in the streets…screaming for change and needing to be heard…and it was all about freedom. It moved me to tears. Last year, when we sought change here in the United States, what did we do? We opted for the preppy, J. Crew version of change. And now, we are entering what seems to be the “New Age of Conformity”, the polar opposite of “New Age”. Looking back at how we, the people, handled George Bush’s stealing of the Presidency in 2000 as well as the limited in-the-streets reaction to the war in Iraq, at every turn, we rolled over and played dead. And the press was most guilty of this. Now since Obama is so cunning, baffling and powerful, his unprecedented support helps him get away with a lot of stuff. Most recently, the backhanded slap in the face to the gay community. Let it be said, and I have a witness, that I predicted Obama would not be overly gay-friendly from the first debate at Howard University. I called it when he made a snide little gay-ish remark, that spoke volumes…and alas…the gays are up in arms. I plan to continue supporting Obama, but all I can say is, “I told you so.”

The cast of NYC Prep, would you rather D-I-E- than dress like them? Does the word boring apply much?

The cast of NYC Prep, would you rather D-I-E- than dress like them? Does the word boring apply much? And by the way, the "quirky head band" is equally annoying as the "quirky man-hat".

But, heck…I really don’t want to talk politics as much as discussing my fear that “preppy is in the air”…and I am vomiting. With the popularity of Gossip Girl and this new semingly horrendous NYC Prep, our youth culture are like turtles, keeping their necks un-stretched, and slowly going nowhere. This trend, if I dare use that word here, is all about conforming, a social need to look like everyone else. I’m even beginning to think that the Burkha, belted, with good heels, is a better look. And now that I found the above photo, you all have to agree. Is it me, or do these kids look ridiculously boring? What the world needs now is individuality. Holding onto the preppy look is like yearning for the way things were when the money was flowing. Now, this look screams “I went broke” or in this case, “My dad went broke”. Maybe I am out to lunch when I say, “Keeping up with the Joneses got us into this mess”. The real rich people, or those who will rise from the ashes, are the ones that seek a way out from under all the monotonous muck and make a statement. Please…I want to know your thoughts here.

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  1. Kathryn says:

    I prefer a Burka with a nice tailored J. Crew jacket.

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