Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche…Again

Oct 18, 2010Fashion

Or do they?

Not only are the 70’s and 80’s experiencing a resurgence on the fashion runways across the globe, but so are the the mores and attitudes towards men. We are in the throws of a (yet another) redefining moment. Two seasons ago, men were like Pre-Raphaelite creatures whose waif-like bodies and fair skin made them the object of desire for both men and women. Manboys were sensitive, angelic creatures. Dior Homme was the look du jour and these men ate quiche. In 1982, Bruce Feirstein‘s book, Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche spent the year on The New York Times Bestseller List, redefining the men whose butch exterior suffered a blow as a result of the New Age, touchy feely generation, coupled with the effeminate body hugging styles of the disco era. Tough guys were no longer in vogue and movies featured actors like Dustin Hoffman rather than the rugged Steve McQueen.

After a seemingly endless string of emotionless pre-pubescent, lanky boys gliding down the runways, enter the manly man…again. Fey is soo last season. We are back to the Pre-Manzie era, men are wearing suits and ties a la Don Draper on Mad Men. Meanwhile that television show has become the touchstone of every style trend these days, which is so odd because so few people actually watch the show. Guess all the tastemakers and influencers are the core demographic. Needless to say, this new trend is just that. A trend. We will be back to yearning for nubile blond boys soon enough. It will be just minutes before the Bear Look will be beyond annoying or overbearing.

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  1. Veruschka says:

    I knew a guy model who was so smokin' he could be spotted/smelled from miles away. Then a modeling agent told him to lose all his muscles and six pack, basically turning him into a manzie clone. Needless to say, he was no longer as appealing as he looked very boyish. He was 25. I am glad for this road back to manliness. As the stars of Trueblood will show you. We need to see "real" men in ad campaigns. Boys aren't as good as a good man.

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