The Aroma Of Kate Walsh

Oct 17, 2010Fashion

Imagine using the worst picture of yourself for your website.

How many times have I said, “Now I have heard everything”. Whether it was from the lips of a socialite on that silly show High Society or when Governor David Patterson was rumored to have spent taxpayer dollars on blow and hookers, to name a couple of for instances. Today’s bit of news takes the cake. Kate Walsh, that C-list actress from Private Practice, perhaps you remember her from Grey’s Anatomy as Dr. McSteamy’s love interest, since no one watches that spin-off, has launched her own fragrance. No, I am not kidding. As though Katy Perry’s Purr wasn’t annoying enough, she has now been outdone by the actress formerly known as…well she was never formerly known as anything, which is probably why it makes perfect sense that Kate would create a fragrance. Here comes the best part, the fragrance is called…drum roll please…Boyfriend, inspired by the smell of her ex-boyfriend. That’s right. Now you too can smell like the ex-boyfriend of Kate Walsh. Boyfriend is not about smelling like your current boyfriend, who treats you well, buys you little gifts, remembers your birthday, tolerates your parents…no. Boyfriend smells like the schmuck that ditched Kate. He walked out that door and into the arms of another woman…most probably someone younger. My guess is that Kate figures that Private Practice can’t possibly have too many seasons left and then what…E! True Hollywood Stories? Hence Boyfriend. Just when you though you could wash that man right out of your hair comes the lingering aroma of the man that got away. Surely Kate will also offer scented candles to round out the collection. So, move over Katy Perry with your litter box inspired fragrance, Purr. Well…that’s what come to mind when I hear that name. But what do I know?

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One Response to “The Aroma Of Kate Walsh”

  1. Veruschka says:

    Why is that a bad photo of her? She looks great. She's a very good actress. Some shows don't do well because it's a tired storyline or the writing ain't good. It's notoriously hard to land a very good Spinoff-Joey anyone. I think you should stop bashing people like this. Yeah the name is lame and people would rather buy something from Chanel or D&G. Celeb fragrances are overrated. But to write these things about Kate Walsh and saying she chose a bad photo. I think she looks great, happy and her hair is styled well. And what is this issue with "older women" whose boyfriends leave them for younger women? Come on.Haven't you heard of COUGARS? Many women love Kate Walsh. At least she's sane.

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