Madonna And Sean…

Oct 19, 2010Breaking Newzzz

Madonna says "No way" to the Brahim thing.

Let’s face it….if you were Madonna, you too would date a young dancer type. The papers are agog with rumors that Madonna was seen out and about with a younger man…not Jesus Luz…at a Meatpacking District hot spot SL dancing the night away with a hottie named Brahim Rachiki. The fact is, this Brahim was the choreographer from her recent Sticky and Sweet tour. But here’s the interesting bit. She apparently is not dating Rachiki, but another dancer named Brahim. Really? There is another dancer named Brahim? How random is that? Look, if they are young and hot and fit…why not go for it? No, she should stick to men of her age group? Let’s see who that would be:

George Clooney? Just don’t see those two together.
Johnny Depp? Ditto. He seems too smart to get into that situation.
John Travolta? She seems to smart to get into that situation.
Jim Carrey? Nah.
Tom Cruise? Lucky for her he is taken.
Emilio Estevez? No way.
Sean Penn? Yes….let’s have a reorder on that!

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