Snooki Jeans?

Nov 26, 2011Fashion

Nothing comes between me and my Snookis.

I have worked with cool denim brands over the years. Was intimately involved in the launch of the “Baggie Jean” for Sasson, not to mention the iconic “Ooh La La Sasson” campaign in the 70’s. For the past five years have raised the profile of Amsterdam-based G-STAR here in the United States through strategic partnerships and events. This background gives me the right to be in shock and awe after reading that Schnooki, I mean… Snooki is licensing jeans, among 50 or so other categories. Snooki Jeans? Really? First of all Google Snooki – Images and see for yourself, SHE DOES NOT WEAR JEANS! So, this begs the question, “Will Snooki Jeans be exclusively for Little People? Will Chuy Bravo finally have a fashion moment on Chelsea Lately?” Otherwise, who would want to have Snooki branded on their ass besides plus-sized nuggets? We live in a time where every douche bag considers themselves a brand? Can we retire all these Johnny-Come-Lately branding firms that seem to be creeping up anyone who is on a reality show’s ass? In this day and age of over-exposure and fifteen minutes of fame, wouldn’t it be grand to slink back to a time when douche bags did not rule the airwaves and talent and education meant something? Between Jersey Shore and Keeping Up With The Kardashians, there is not one degree, not one acting class, no musical instruments… I can’t.

3 Responses to “Snooki Jeans?”

  1. Royteeluck says:

    Here yee….

  2. Vivian1111 says:

    truly, I mean…what?!?

  3. dmarie <3 says:

    this is bullshit, ridiculous and hard to believe. i don't know why anyone in their right mind would support this and purchase a pair.

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