Social Media Climbers

Jan 20, 2011Fashion

Mark network plenty.

Say what you want, but I am convinced that the reason The Social Network is winning Best Film at all the awards shows, as it will for the Oscars, is because Hollywood is indirectly putting their hand out to Mark Zuckerberg for future film financing. The subliminal message is: “We’ll help you rebuild your character since the movie shows what an unlikeable guy you really are, but it will cost you.” The Social Network is definitely a good movie, but Jesse Eisenberg as Zuckerberg is such a nudnik, that it made it hard for me to fall in love with this film. In the The Fighter we are are whooped up into the lives of Mickey Ward and his family, caring about their outcome. Whereas in The Social Network, we watch Mark Zuckerberg rise from nebish to rich nebish, which is just not as satisfying. Actually, all the characters in The Social Network, from the prissy twins to Sean Parker, are nonredeemable, money hungry jerks.

And now, everyone company on Earth, present company included, is engaging in social media as a means to the end of making more money…which is fine…but is actually not the original intention of what Mark Zuckereberg had in mind. His idea was an to create community, allowing friends to connect from campus to campus. Sure, rating chicks was a fun sidebar, but there was a real connection being sought out. Now with the money chip attached, we don’t care who we are connecting to, as long as they are buying or “Liking” what we do. The internet has become a monster, a key ingredient to success and everyone and their mother…literally…are jumping on the bandwagon in the hopes of becoming the next big thing. What that leaves us with is a world full of social media climbers.

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  1. Maurine Ford says:

    Go Abe! Right on the mark.

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