The Ass Camera

Jun 14, 2011Fashion

The Ass Camera, a.k.a The Ass Cam is at American Rag in LA.

Now this is what’s needed in every dressing room, including your bedroom at home. American Rag, L.A.’s innovative retail store on La Brea has installed an “Ass Camera.” This camera will help you look at your backside while trying on jeans. We all know that denim is one of the hardest items to buy. The bootay has got to look good. With the “Ass Camera,” customers are able to check out their rear by looking at the embedded screen in a mirror. No more craning your neck to see your own ass. Genius. The camera is only available at the World Denim Bar, the shop-within-the-shop, at American Rag. Everyone loves looking at asses, now you can catch you own, too. (As reported in Mondette)

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