The Not Best Dressed List At Cannes

Sorry, but this Marchesa "confection" fights with Rachel McAdams rather than compliments her. That bit below the knee should be hacked off.

Though there were a slew of fabulous dresses at Cannes this season, I hereby take credit for the fact that not one single star at Cannes wore a one shoulder dress in response to my commentary and coverage of the Costume Institute Gala. Well, correction. There were a couple of them but not worn by stars, so they don’t count—times two. Honestly, who cares about some ubiquitous Israeli socialite, or Miss Universe, for that matter. They both look like they are off to a Bar Mitzvah at Leonard’s of Great Neck. (You know I love that reference.) After what clearly was a lackluster showing at the Costume Institute Gala and with Cannes being the next important Red Carpet moment, one would think that stylists and publicists would do anything in their power to avoid their client being ridiculed, not only by me, Lord knows I am not that powerful. Good news for Uma Thurman, Diane Kruger and Karolina Kurkova is that hands down they win best dressed. Penelope Cruz has been hit and miss and I query Rachel McAdams‘ choices.

This dress is fotz. Period. I don't care who designed it. On the red carpet it does not work.

Here's that Israeli socialite, what's her name.

Answer: This chick in not pregnant.

Studio 54 circa 1977, yes. Cannes red carpet? No.

Eh, too much dress. The woman is stunning, why try competeing with that?

Even with Deniro as her accessory she gets on this list. Yikes. A toothpick would look fat in this.

Please girl, desperate for attention much? You can hear her getting ready, "The paparazzi are gonna go wild." Actually, you this is Girls Gone Wild.

Doubly bad. One shoulder coupled with what's with that boob thing going on there?

This is very mother-of-the-bride a.k.a. Leonard's of Great Neck.

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