It’s All About Charity

Please stay tuned to the future I Mean Shop. The site will feature curated cool stuff and a portion of proceeds with benefit the charities featured on I Mean What?!?

Please stay tuned to the future I Mean Shop. The site will feature curated cool stuff and a portion of proceeds with benefit the charities featured on I Mean What?!? Click image to review our favorite charities.… Read More »

Welcome to the new, improved I Mean...What?!? It's all about charity and I Mean Business.

I Mean What relaunches today with the best intentions to provide you with compelling information about our affiliated charities, fundraising initiatives and awareness campaigns that we have selected through one degree of separation. … Read More »


The best philosophy to live by is: “Keeping my side of the street clean”. And with that, I take pride in sharing an organization that is similarly committed to that notion, only it goes deeper than that. ACE-New York is the organization committed to helping the homeless and responsible for keeping the streets of SoHo clean. The idea behind ACE works because the individuals in the bright red uniforms who clean your sidewalk want more than charity—they want a better life.… Read More »

Talk about interesting...

Now if you don’t think this charity is a cool thing to do, then you are not cool. And speaking of cool, Dossier Journal is hosting a fundraising event for Worth Motorcycle Company Friday night in Brooklyn. I mean… does it get any cooler?… Read More »

The LeSportsac pedicabs were the best way to get around town on Fashion’s Night Out.

After seeing how enthusiastic and motivated consumers are that come out in droves to suck down all the free booze and “shop”–using the term loosely here–there is so much more to do altruistically speaking. All this good-will can be harnessed and the giving aspect of this event can be multiplied exponentially. … Read More »

Friggen Cher.

GLAAD AWARDS UPDATE: Out of the blue, Cher pops out on stage, and apparently was not expected. But, it wasn’t just Cher who appeared on stage like a vision from the gay Gods, but Cher in a Diana Ross wig. I couldn’t breathe. Nor could anyone else.… Read More »

What can be done? Sanctions, baby.

  Speaking of bullying, I saw the film, Bully the weekend it opened. A touching, moving, slightly long film that shows the loss and heartbreak associated with bullying. I would have liked to have seen a couple of examples of upwardly mobile kids getting bullied because bullying is not a mid-west, low-income, rural issue. It is a national… rather global affair. Reading the article by Lee Hirsch, the director in today’s Huff Po, I wonder if all the hype and attention has the power to change man’s inner bastard. One can only hope, but chances are unless strict punishment goes… Read More »


Just so you all know, I am turning over a new leaf and adding a fundraising component to I Mean What by supporting charities I believe in or the one’s that my friends twist my arm to promote. The Free Arts NYC Annual Art Auction is a little of both. I worked on a project with Free Arts NYC a couple years ago, they are a great group that support arts for kids. (Photo: Inez & Vinoodh at Free Arts NYC Annual Art Auction)… Read More »

Please watch the PSA directed by Penny Marshall for The Felix Organization.

Co-Founders, Darryl “DMC” McDaniels (Run DMC AND Rock and Roll Hall of Famer) and Sheila Jaffe, (Emmy Award winning Casting Director of “The Sopranos” and “Entourage”) are both adoptees who have searched for their birth families. Darryl and Sheila decided to start THE FELIX ORGANIZATION/ Adoptees For Children in February 2006. Penny Marshall directed their PSA starring Ryan Kwanten, Steven Tyler, Beverly D’Angelo, Carrie Fisher, Dan Aykroyd, Chuy Bravo, Jim Belushi, and many more.… Read More »

Bullying may never end. But it sure could be punished more.

Please take 3 minutes of your precious time to watch this video. It is beyond touching and I beg you to consider the message and share this link.… Read More »