A New Mission For I Mean What?!?

Welcome to the new, improved I Mean…What?!? It’s all about charity and I Mean Business.

Welcome to the new I Mean What, where it’s all about charity and “I Mean Business”. After months of isolation due to my self-inflicted hiatus thanks to a bicycle accident, I spent the summer immersed in the blogosphere, which has changed so drastically since I first started I Mean What?!? in 2009. Without being too judgmental–a difficult task for a snarky know-it-all–I have decided to change up the content of I Mean…What?!? and redefine my manifesto. In addition to my daily Op-Ed piece in reaction to what’s happening the the world around us, I have decided to offer my fabulous viewers the opportunity to learn something new about a charity that needs your support, an artist or designer that is emerging, and people who are making a difference.

With this re-launch comes the best intentions to provide you with compelling information about our affiliated charities, fundraising initiatives and awareness campaigns that we have selected through one degree of separation. Because we communicate with a sophisticated, insider/taste-maker audience, it is our duty to provide you with meaningful content and to consider doing something to help others much more in need.  The goal is to provide the best of both worlds: humor and dignity. Two words that live together beautifully. When you stop to think of all the things that can wrong in life, be it health matters, financial ruin (the combination really sucks, I know) or circumstances that are beyond our control, then perhaps what you CAN DO is stop thinking only about yourself and lend a hand or donate a few bucks to a charity that could really use your fabulosity.

With great pride we present a smorgasbord of charitable initiatives to tempt your generous appetite for doing something special for someone special. Peace…love…and my dog Woodstock.


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