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Courtney Stodden, 17, and Jill Kelley are real housewives. Really.

So help me if they cast Tom Hanks as General Petraeus, I will scream. Paula Broadwell could be cast by Diane Lane, since she wishes she were her, and Jill Kelley can be played by Kim Kardashian. Well if the illicit sex fits…… Read More »

The two faces of Bristol Palin.

Dear Bristol, Surely death threats are not an effective means to change minds. I am sorry for those people who recently resorted to using those tactics based on your desperate need to be in the media. Had you not blabbered on about Barack Obama’s position of gay marriage, perhaps you would not be in this situation. Naturally, when you say, “hate doesn’t win any arguments” that is true. But the fact that you were compelled to stick your neck out and make a point on such a hot button issue, then you must accept your responsibility in this situation. You… Read More »

Jane Svoboda is the craziest bitch on Earth... including Sarah and Britol Palin.

This crazy bitch, Jane Svoboda, a known schizophrenic went on an anti-gay rant in Lincoln, Nebraska at a non-discrimination ordinance proposal hearing. It is very simple, watch this video and somebody put her out of her misery. And when I say put her out of her misery, I mean lock her up in an inane asylum and throw away the key. She does not even deserve to be honired with the Gross baboon Of the Year nomination because as per reports, she really is crazy. So why is she allowed to roam the streets freely? httpv://… Read More »


I woke up thinking about my mother today, not only because it is Mother’s Day. I think of her often because she was so amazing. She had a wicked sense of humor that inspired my edge. Her downside was stuffing us with food, rendering me rotund as a child. Thank goodness for the drug filled ’70’s that helped me get my body in check. So many people I know have unresolved issues with their parents: guilt, anger, resentment. Yes, parents can be annoying, but so can their children. So it is a wash. My mom was a concentration camp survivor.… Read More »

Leave Miley Cyrus Alone

Q. What is the meaning of hypocrisy? A. The pretense of having some desirable or publicly approved attitude. FACT: You cannot walk around trashing Miley Cyrus for doing a lap dance with an old queen like Adam Shankman and consider the new Miss USA marketing campaign a good idea. FACT: You cannot watch Jersey Shore and think it is hilarious, anxiously waiting Season Two, then judge Miley Cyrus for being too young to be sexy. FACT: You cannot be a self-righteous Tea Bagger (Sarah Palin) with a daughter that just so happens to be a teenage mother out of wedlock.… Read More »

Deer In The Headlights: My Life in Sarah Palin's Crosshairs

In the Golden Days of Hollywood, no one cared about much besides the stars of stage and screen. Tallulah Bankhead, Bette Davis, Katherine Hepburn, Clark Cable, the list goes on. Seems like we have graduated (or what’s the opposite of that?) to be far more concerned with the whereabouts and goings on of the lowest of lowbrows of our society. The Nobody Newzzz is back and we have plenty to crow about. Crow as in old crow because the top story this week is about the Salahis. You will remember Michaele and Tartiq Salahi, that couple of Gross Baboons who… Read More »