Kim Kardashian: Her Royal Hiney Getting Hitched

Move over Kate Middleton.

This is it kids… the wedding of the century. Century 21 maybe. There has been more hype about the wedding of Kim Kardashian to basketball hottie Kris Jeffries than, well, not quite the recent royal one. If Mamma Bear, Kris Jenner had her druthers, her daughter’s wedding would kick Kate Middleton and Prince William‘s in the arse. And for this wedding, it is all about the arse after all. When Kim Kardashian had to uninvite 50 guests due to lack of space, I wondered. “How and who and what?!?” In a time when our economy is dithering, and Republicans are screaming that the President should not be taking a much needed— surely—vacation, no one is saying boo about this over the top affair, and the endless spilling of money at the Google mansion. Please, can you remove your label so I can see right through you? If I were involved with the Kardashian clan, I would suggest demand that they make a donation to a charity and let the world see their altruistic side. That is, if one exists.

In honor of Kim Kardashian's wedding cake, which will be created by the same designer as Kate and William's, Lakme Fashion Week featured cake hats on the runway. Yes, Kris Jenner arranged this as well.

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