Brady Corbet Is Not Melancholia, Just In It

Nov 11, 2011Breaking Newzzz

Kirsten and Brady at the Cannes Film Festival.

There are several reasons why Brady Corbet is not your typical “Young Hollywood” actor. For starters, he lives in New York where he feels more at home than when he lived in Los Angeles. “I was a cinephile growing up, actually… right out of the womb.” An only child of a single mother who worked as a freelance mortgage broker in Phoenix, Arizona, she supported his interest in acting since childhood. Brady and his mom moved to LA when he was thirteen years old. The move proved to be fortuitous as he was soon cast in his first feature film, Thirteen, starring Evan Rachel Wood. “I am very lucky to have worked on projects that I am really proud of as soon as I got to Hollywood with such inspirational directors as Catherine Hardwick, Michael Haneke, (Funny Games) and Gregg Araki, (Mysterious Skin).”

Brady and Elizabeth Olsen in Cannes. He's having a moment, I'd say.

Brady appears in two new films this month; the psychological thriller Martha Marcy May Marlene with Elizabeth Olsen that Brady refers to as Polanski-esque and the highly anticipated Melancholia, directed by Lars von Trier. With all the controversy surrounding Melancholia at the Cannes Film Festival, I asked about his role in the movie. “I play a family member at the wedding of Alexander Skarsgard to Kirsten Dunst, then things get really weird. My character gets raped. (Pause) It is hard to explain, it is very confusing.” I pry for more details about the rape scene and Brady says, “Well, Kirsten rapes me.  There is a lot of strangeness in the movie.” I mention the expression, “You can’t rape the willing.” Brady laughs and says, “Lars von Trier would really appreciate that sentiment.”

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