Kernels of Dish (Thursday)

Apr 22, 2010Breaking Newzzz

Perez Hilton reports that Christina Aquilera will be on the American Idol finale. He also thinks that this season is a bore. Just because Crytal Bowersox is not all Lady Gaga’ed out, does not make her boring at all. - PEREZ HILTON

Sarah Jessica Parker is reading up on everything Halston. How about a sewing class. – PAGE SIX

Madonna looks amazing in these ads for Dolce Gabanna’s next ad for MILF’s. – LIVE JOURNAL

So, Anna Wintour‘s Fashions Night Out is going to be the word’s largest extravaganza. I wrote about this on February 2. Tell me something I didn’t know. - HUFFINGTON POST

Snooki bagged her boyfriend via voice-mail. Do unto others girl. - PEOPLE

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