Kernels of Dish (Sunday)

Apr 4, 2010Breaking Newzzz

Look, even hats get to be famous these days. This floppy, ribbon hat is flying off the shelves after Sandra Bullock was snapped wearing it. - E.T.

Skanks Incorporated is about to have their first Board meeting. Michelle McGee, Hailey Glassman and Gina Lynn will be together doing some skanky nonsense. - PAGE 6

The Church is comparing the Pope’s situation to the persecution of the Jews during WWII. Shown here, Marlene Lugosi Pope Benedict (Arnold) loves this hat because it covers her his ears. - NY TIMES

Though she was 2 1/2 hours late for her recent concert in NYC, pissing everyone off, the new video shot in Dallas is making her extremely relevant. -DLISTED

Ninety security guards will protect Tiger Woods from himself at the Masters this week. The skank parade is sure to be out in full force, headed by Madam Gloria Allred. -NY DAILY NEWS

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