What’s With The Bieber Obsession?!?

Apr 3, 2010Breaking Newzzz

Am I that old where I can no longer appreciate teenyboppers? Am I that cranky and jaded that there’s no summoning up the adulation for a Twinkie that sings? Am I alone here? When I was young, yes, 4,000 years ago, we also had heartthrobs that swept the nation. We might have started that phenomenon actually. Well, Elvis did and that was before my time. But Elvis changed music as did The Beatles. They changed everything beyond music, too, like personal style and while they were at it, the entire culture. One can surely understand screaming for them. But I never really got the singing Twinkie obsession, just the edible kind. I am referring to the teenyboppers that graced the covers of Tiger Beat magazine, like Bobby Sherman, David Cassidy or Davy Jones. Yes, there were screams for these baby boys…but it never made sense to me. Screaming? Like that would get you somewhere? Into the sack perhaps? I watched the Chelsea Lately show with guest Justin Bieber and I am shocked at how everyone, young and old, is goo-goo ga-ga over him. As he hit up on Chelsea Handler, while chatting about his Range Rover, I began to brech (vomit in Yiddish). Before Justin gets too cocksure….and a cock for that matter, take a look at these Tiger Beat covers before everyone gets too excited about this ego-out-of-control tangerine.

The good old days.

Does this hairdo remind you of someone?

Hair today, gone tomorrow.

Peter Barton was a big deal once too.

Where are they now?

Would he date a fan? No, he is busy hitting up on Kim Kardashian. Like he would know what to do to please her, too. Fotz.

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2 Responses to “What’s With The Bieber Obsession?!?”

  1. Tina says:

    Ok. I give up. Who the heck is Justin Beiber?

  2. Manual Shein says:

    Excellent post! I hope to write new posts on this topic. I found it on Google! Thanks and good luck.

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