In Support of New York Manzie Week

Thom Browne will be showing his men's (?) collection in Paris this season.

In today’s Women’s Wear Daily, the discussion is whether New York deserves a Men’s Fashion Week, similar to those in Milan and Paris. Listening to the argument, one has to side with the reality that New York needs one in order for these designers to compete with the international business cycle. Naturally I MEAN WHAT?!? has a different agenda, and are voting in favor of New York Manzie Week. Imagine how much fun we will have, especially with the next series of shows being Spring 11, when light frothy outfits come tra-la-la-ing down the runway on gossamer wings. (Note: Whoever takes that idea, please credit IMW) There is somewhat of an exodus happening from New York designers that choose to show abroad including Calvin Klein, John Varvatos and now Thom Browne. Mr. Browne is the latest refugee planning to get all fierce up in the Paris Men’s Shows. Gotta give that guy credit. It will be a much anticipated outing from a press standpoint and gives him a much bigger story. I can see the headlines now: The Ankles Have It.

See what we New Yorkers will not get anymore? Start sobbing.

But seriously, the Paris and Milan Mens’ shows are staged in late June and buying begins in July, whereas New York men’s designers are lumped into September Mercedes Benz Fashion Week time frame and are like the annoying, buzzing flies on the Fashion Calendar schedule. It is just not fair. Between all these celebrity designers jumping into the fray and now with Anna Wintour teaming up with Lincoln Center, well, where exactly do the men’s designers fit in with that plan? ATTENTION: Celebrity men…please do not start becoming “designers”. Justin Timberlake is more than we can stand right now in this shrinking economy. So you see, it is my duty to stand up for the New York men’s fashion industry and say, “Yes…give New York City a men’s fashion week”. Take the next year to plan it and launch it right after Paris Men’s Week. And if I hear one compliant from some queen that it will disrupt their Fire Island summer share…well…I pity the queen that says that publicly.

This should be the poster for New York Men's Fashion Week.

Note: If we get our way, we will host the First Annual Manzie Awards telecast on IMW-TV. Now if that is not incentive…what is?

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  1. Sr Dominguez says:

    That second one is so amusing. It has the look of something you'd see in dinner scene in Now, Voyager, complete with champagne coupes, except it has zoot dimensions–which are like the inspiration of the sagged baggy pants we saw in the 90s. But, since it's being sold to white people, now it's a coat, not a horribly miss-sized jacket! Cap it off–pardon the pun–with that Mandarin Oriental bell hop cap and it's like the bellboy got cold and helped himself to a giant's jacket, a midget's pants and a nun's neck whateverthefuck. I refuse to acknowledge the rabid creature attacking the hand.

  2. Sr Dominguez says:

    As for the first: Fur is for women and… wait… ahhh.. it seems the pattern overload is triggering a fucking acid flashback! I gotta go, be back next post!

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