Kernels of Dish (Wednesday)

Apr 21, 2010Breaking Newzzz

According to Lindsay Lohan’s tweet, Sam Ronson spit in her face at Coachella. R U kidding? Move on girls. Enough. Yikes. - TWITTER

The Mario Testino/Kate Moss book will sell out for sure at $472 or whatever price. - HUFFINGTON POST


Kate Gosselin (March of the Wooden Soldiers) was finally booted off DWTS. Next up…more reality television. My friend at Warner Brothers said she is impossible. - JUST JARED

Oh, no, Heather Locklear was just arrested for a hit and run. I am sooo upset. I love her. And am so sad that Melrose Place is canceled. - TMZ

Glee’s Madonna episode was amazing and they are going to do another episode. Genius. - PEREZ HILTON

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