Witchy Woman

Aug 19, 2011Gross Baboons

Escape from Witch Mountain.

UPDATE: The Wicked Witch of the Mid-Atlantic States, Christine O’Donnell has been boo-hooing about Piers Morgan’s line of questioning on the morning chat shows. She has actually accused Piers of sexual harassment. The troublemaker and “writer” of Troublemaker was appalled and felt “creepy” when all Piers wanted to talk about were the many stupid, idiotic, bubble-headed things that she has blathered about in her desperate attempts to become a media personality. He asked her about masturbation—a topic she is clearly well-versed in—and her stance on same-sex marriage. I have come to love the expression, “You cannot rape the willing.” I’d like to put a spell on her and zip her lips shut. To top it all, Gloria “The Madame” Allred even went on television to defend Piers Morgan, who has now entered the ranks of Tiger Woods‘ hookers.

Christine O’Donnell: Witchy Woman (From August 18, 2011)

Christine O’Donnell is out stumping for her book on witchcraft, Troublemaker: Let’s Do What It Takes to Make America Great Again, and walked off the set of Piers Morgan Tonight when he was pressing her on the gay marriage issue. Clearly, she is the same jerk as she was when she made that commercial saying, “I am not a witch”. And now she is saying that, “I am not a politician.” So, my question is, what the hell are you besides a Gross Baboon and a Tea Bagger?


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