Lady Gaga Should Check Back Into The Fontainebleau

Mar 16, 2010Breaking Newzzz

Lady Gaga needs to run back here and relax for a spell.

Just got back from Miami after an amazingly restful few days of R & R at the Fontainebleau Hotel. You would not believe the digs we stayed in. We were VIP Serviced to the tits into this beyond beyond penthouse. Not just some lame-ass penthouse suite. I am talking 4,000 square feet of stunning, with 20 foot ceilings, where Lady Gaga stayed when she was down there performing at LIV Nightclub for New Year’s Eve. Check out the view from the massive palais. Then check out this other view…yes…our humble abode stretched the length of the entire Tresor building. Move over P. Diddy…yes, he stays there too. All I can say is, if it good enough for Diddy and Gaga, it is good enough for ABIE & BABIES.

Everywhere you turned there was water and sky. Gags...come back now.

The VIP Services at the Fontainebleu are unbelievable. Lakaya, Massa and Janine could not be more helpful if they tried. They welcomed us (my friends Annie, Emily and Julian) into this five bedroom, four-and-a-half bathroom grooviness with open arms. The staff actually walked us to our suite from the check-in point. The amenities at the hotel are beyond. The spa, the pools, the gym are intensely lovely. Anyway, I can’t say enough good things about my experience. Also, please note: I am doing this shout out because being treated like a celebrity when I am only one in my own mind, is something that should be acknowledged. This is not some blog promo. We paid for our stay. The Fontainebleu = hospitality at its best.

Anyhoo, after watching this bit (below) on D-Listed of Lady Gaga exhausted in New Zealand, I am just saying she should take a much needed rest and return to Miami, where she will be well taken care of.

5 Responses to “Lady Gaga Should Check Back Into The Fontainebleau”

  1. Tina (from Sydney) says:

    The girl works like a maniac. She did another concert the next night after that and she hits Sydney tonight for 3 back to back concerts. So a break would be a good idea.

    Love, love, love the hotel balcony! Did you take any inside shots?

  2. Devin-Weiss says:

    I go through rumors all over the place, that nothing in Drag queen Gaga is original and that she is usually a copycat :-( I however love Lady Gaga coZ she roCks!!

  3. Brad Plazza says:

    lady gaga is one of the best singers in the world but she does bad things too …

  4. Sue says:

    She definitely should have to rest… She should not abuse her body. She's working so hard and i think she's already exhausted..

  5. free makeup says:

    Gaga is definitely foolish in my personal opinion

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