Lindsay Lohan, Are you High? Don’t Answer That?

Jun 23, 2011Breaking Newzzz

Expect to see Lindsay boo-hooing plenty in court soon enough. "The paparazzi made me do it?"

Word spread like wildfire that Lindsay Lohan was caught with her pants down, well, she had to pull her pants down to pee on a stick so they could test her urine for alcohol content. Well, Lo-han and behold, guess who took a few nips of champagne at her champagne party? Honestly, even jail won’t help this chick. She needs to be slammed in a lock up rehab along with John Galliano. That’s of course if she ever wants to resume some assemblance of a life. Surely the courts will throw the book at her saying that she has squandered her very last ray of hope of not going to the pokey. In the case of forgiving other’s shortcomings, she is just asking for trouble. I like her, she is talented, I also think she is stupid for thinking that she can get away with, well, the opposite of murder, while the whole world watches her every move. Of course my forgiveness philosophy applies to Lindsay, I think first she needs to start doing a lot of forgiving of herself and others in an attempt to come to terms with her inner demons. It is just plain old sad that she will have to spend time in jail. But from the looks of it, her detractors are happy as clams.

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