Lindsay Lohan Back In The Saddle

Jan 5, 2011Breaking Newzzz

Not so sure that Lindsay is the culprit.

OK, so Lindsay Lohan is out of rehab. Big whoop. And she is moving to Venice, next door to Samantha Ronson. Like that was not the plan? Naturally, everyone is quick to judge Lindsay for stalking Sam, when frankly, that entire relationship from the get go was a garden variety, two-way street obsession, typical of many lesbian affairs. Oooh… I am wrong? There is something distinct about most lesbian relationships that I have observed first hand, through many close friendships. And you just don’t want to get into the middle of that, especially if you are a guy, because you are rendered useless. Well, you don’t have a vagina, end of story. I’ve been accused of being a lesbian because in my past relationships it was: one date and in they moved. The U-Haul Syndrome is a distinctive lesbian proclivity. Straight women live by completely different rules as do gay men. For instance, straight women require several dates before even going all the way (number of dates vary on how prudish their up bringing) and gay men sleep with a guy on first glance, then maybe one or two more times after that, before acting as though they never met you before when bumping into them on the street.

Anyway, I can only hope that Lindsay takes some of the advice I had suggested in Crushable from the last time she went to rehab in order to come back strong. Having Sam in her life is not a detriment, unless she is still partying at her late night DJ gigs and becomes a bad influence on Lindsay. It is time for everyone to look at this from the other perspective, not just that Lindsay is the bad guy. When a butch top is obsessed with a lipstick fem, look out.

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