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Jul 27, 2010Breaking Newzzz

Barack Obama to sit in on The View.

So Barack Obama is going to be a guest on The View. That is more than interesting. Surely, this was David Axelrod‘s idea. Considering how down the line Obama’s ratings have gotten and while I am at it, Axelrod’s recent outing on the Sunday talk shows was less than stellar. Yup, it is time for yet another achy-breaky PR blitz the goal being to Re-Hail to the Chief. Granted, this is probably the worst financial time on the planet and the Administration is doing whatever it can to help our economy, but the war in Afghanistan is putting the nail in the second term coffin. We are on the verge of Viet Nam, the Nixon years, like I am sitting here. Having lived through the Moratorium of 1969, the mood in the country was such that we had had just about enough of the politics that were killing off our troops. Granted the numbers are much different, but when read about the corruption in the Karzai Government, the drug dealing Taliban running rampant, well, people are getting really pissed. My guess is that the US is in for the biggest cut of that pie, which is why we are still there. Oil and drugs man. That’s what we live for.

I just wonder if Barack will join the ladies for that opening segment, Hot Topics, where they bitch and moan about things in the “news”, or as I like to call it…Bitchin’ Kitchen. Imagine if Obamski was including in the real nonsense that these gals obsess on like Kim Kardashian‘s Tweets, Al Gore‘s Masseuse-Gate, Lindsay Lohan‘s Mug Shot, Snooki‘s Pay Raise. Now that would be riveting television. Instead, we are about to be fed a pre-determined, all-holds barred, propaganda-fest, where Barack will try to sell us on his decision to stay in the Poppy Capital of the world so that we can stay there to protect Gross Baboons.

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