Rush Limbaugh: Straight Shooter…In The Foot

Rush is a straight shooter alright, straight in the foot. What one won't agree to when under the influence of drugs.

Here is proof that all the absurd, demonic, right wing jerks like Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin are in fact directly responsible for all the ills on Earth. The Tea Partyers and those who refuse to take any responsibility what-so-ever for the tone in which our country is operating had better get a grip…or get honest with themselves. One of the two. This sign, which is tastefully located in Arizona speaks volumes. Between this screw up and Sarah Palin’s utterly idiotic anti-Semetic comment about blood-libel goes to show that the cat is out of the bag and it is time to stick it back in there. I said it the other day, “Shut your pie holes!”

The blood libel line proves that this image is 100% correct.

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One Response to “Rush Limbaugh: Straight Shooter…In The Foot”

  1. Rob says:

    You don't like other views, so you want to silence them.
    You pick and choose words and then make them adhere to *your* definition.
    You draw a Hitler moustache on Palin, yet your vile comparison shows what an uninformed child you really are.
    Looks like you are the one following the Third Reich playbook. Congratulations on being a perfect fit to the ignorant liberal stereotype.

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