Steven Tyler Style

Jun 10, 2011Breaking Newzzz

Get ready to rock. And I mean rock AND roll over to Macy’s when they launch Andrew Charles, the rocker inspired men’s fashion collection. You gotta love Macy’s. They are snapping up every bit of celebrity and now sub-culture to keep their name relevant in retail news. I was pulled into a meeting with them over three years ago when they were just beginning to scratch their heads for what to do with themselves. Though I was close to a deal, the September 2008 economy hit and it was put on the back burner. So far back, it disintegrated. But we developed a fierce plan, one which they have not implemented to date. Instead, they seem to be far more interested in mainstream, celebrity-focused capsule collections. The face of this new brand, Andrew Charles, no relation to Elgin Charles, is ex-bad boy, Steven Tyler.

When Louis Vuitton featured Keith Richards in the ad campaign for LV luggage, it was more of an aspirational deal. And it was fitting because Keith does look like leather luggage. (I say that in the most loving, respectful way.) But I am not sure that having Steven Tyler, who looks amazing, be the face of a brand that will cater to young rock ‘n’ roll hopefuls. The idea of going to Herald Square to gear up for a night at Don Hill’s seems like a stretch. Give me Trash & Vaudeville in the East Village any day. At least then you are in the neighborhood that embodies the youthful, rocker spirit. You can get a tattoo, buy some crystal, it makes sense. Once you are up at Macy’s, what then? You step into Victoria’s Secret or H & M? It’s just not the same. Think about it, would Lady Gaga or Madonna have thrived had they run to get their inspiration from New York City’s equivalent of a mall?

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