Dawn Of The New Mayan Calendar

Nov 20, 2012Breaking Newzzz

May peace prevail on Earth.

Let us raise a glass to the Dawn of the New Mayan Calendar. All this negative brouhaha about the end of the world on December 21, 2012 as predicted by the Mayans is such a bunch of crap. Having been to the Mayan Pyramids last year and being schooled by a wise sage about their fascinating history, the truth is: “That the Mayans never once predicted that the world would end, rather, it would mark the beginning of a new calendar cycle“. The Mayans suggested that people look at what they had accomplished during that first 5,000 years, and then determine what has value and to keep those elements and lessons as you move forward into to the next 5,000 year calendar… and leave the shit part behind.

If Sandy Hook or Hurricane Sandy has taught us anything, it is to value…if not…cherish…every second we have on Earth. Your job is to be kind, minimize stress, be of value, and to tell people you love that in fact, you do.

That said, let us celebrate the last day of the old calendar and continue the party through the transition of the new one. yes a 48 hour blow out. And if you are really smart–like me–you will just keep partying till January 1 to align with with the real world’s New Year calendar of 2013. So off to Tulum I go. See you next year…and surely you will be all in one piece.


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