The Green Lighting Of Green Lantern

Jun 17, 2011Breaking Newzzz

Imagine how vapid this press conference was. Yikes.

One does not have to go see Green Lantern in order to see that it is a big, waste of time, unless you are 6 years old and like things that light up. That said, if you are 6 years old, chances are you love animals too, so Jim Carrey’s Mr. Popper’s Penquins will probably win the box office in the end. Well, maybe not this weekend, because hype goes a long way in Hollywood. Speaking of which, when will Hollywood ever learn that not everything needs to be made into a big, loud, CGI romp. And just because Avatar was the largest grossing movie of all time, does not give you pause to think, “Oooh, let’s make this 3D, that will surely put it into the stratosphere.” Note to Producers, you need a good script! That is the basis for a good movie. Not gobs of goop and mumbo-jumbo coupled with mediocre actors.

Speaking of which, when will the world realize that Blake Lively is a lovely girl, and I am sure sweet to the core, but she is maybe a barely half OK actress. Just because Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld follow her around like she is the Dalai Lama of Style, does not automatically transition her from a small screen, teen sensation to a big screen dramatic goddess. Earth to everyone, she was just OK in The Town. The industry was talking about her like she will be the Bette Davis of our time. As friggen if. This is not even fair to Blake Lively, because she could and will never live up to that kind of horrible Hollywood hype. My sister and I say it daily, “Mediocrity rules!” Whether it is fashion, music or movies, mediocrity wins the hearts and minds of U.S. consumers. I mean…I like Lady Gaga, but she is no Madonna. Period. And Green Lantern is no Avatar. And comic books might just be left to a fringe art form for dudes and geeks. Unless of course you want to make Josie and the Pussycats II, which would be amazing.

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