Is Manish Aroroa A Lesbian Constellation?

Oct 1, 2010Fashion

The fashion industry is like network television. You can keep changing the channels, only to find utter nonsense filling the airwaves. In that same vain, you can go from fashion show to fashion show only to find utter nonsense filling the runways. The job of an editor these days, besides batting off the fashion bloggers for your prime seat, is to live through endless presentations that are simply a waste of time fotz. Anyone who wants to jump on board for the schmatta business these days, like Madonna and every other celebrity it seems, has to be completely nuts. When you look at the crowded schedule of the New York shows you just know that not every designer will claw their way to the top of the heap like Jason Wu or Alexander Wang. There are so many designers filling the runways between the main players which is the fashion equivalent of bad, canned-laughter sitcoms. Some of the collections in Paris are just questionable at least, and ridiculous at best. Once again, it is a case of these people needing to hire me to edit these collections. And what about the fashion houses that are forever being salvaged like Guy Laroche, Rochas or Ungaro. Must they all live on to infinity and beyond? Yes, these questions plague me night after night. In my quest to find the meaning of life, I wonder if I am the only one who seeks…a grip. Here is a random series of images from collections that were ridic, or looks that could have surely been edited out. This is like my own collection…of nonsense. Participating designers include: Manish Arora (which sounds like a lesbian constellation), Rochas, Gareth Pugh (men’s are nonsense, I liked the women’s), Limi Feu, Zac Posen, Carven and Maxine Simoens.

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One Response to “Is Manish Aroroa A Lesbian Constellation?”

  1. Veruschka says:

    These looks appear to on two ends of the spectrum, the really unflattering or the really mundane, such as the plain cream/white dress. However, I do like that plain dress and think some people are moving away from the usual Paris chic look. Everyone has different ideas. If everyone did the same Black-Paris look, there would never be anything new out there.

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