Toddlers In Tiaras Times Ten

Brooke Shields revisited.

Really? Everyone is in an uproar about the photo spread in French Vogue featuring a ten year old girl wearing high fashion? Really? The mommy blogs are in a Twitter? Big deal. Everyone go to a mirror and look deep in your soul as to where you participated and why this is even the case. We glamorize Toddlers & Tiaras, we make fashion for tweens the most relevant statement, so naturally we have to tap ten year olds to grace the covers of magazines. This, my dear Watson, is because we have let that 1970’s expression “Sex Sells” become the main fabric of our lives. Not cotton. And for those few prudes left in the world, well, there’s the sand, go bury you head in it again.

What's the difference between then and now?

Kids have become fashion. And we don’t really push pinafores and Peter Pan collars much anymore. Baby Boomers raised their off-spring like they were droplets of gold, never admonishing them for being obnoxious, loud or unruly. That generation mollycoddled their brood to the point of nausea, so there was no reigning anyone in. Anything their tangerine’s heart desired was fawned over to the point where, a little girl singing a suggestive song, fully made up, is considered adorable rather than horrendous. I, for one, am so desensitized by the images of this little girl, Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau, to the point where, “of course she is modeling that dress, it is designed for her age group”. It’s not like she is modeling a foofy party dress.



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