Run For The Hills

This nutbag has eyes alright...for the nut house.

Last night I watched my first episode of The Hills. Yikes. There is not one redeemable character on that show. The way Kristin Cavallari drones on and on in Valley Girl speak makes my skin crawl. Has she been shot up with too much Novocaine? Kristin does not close her mouth to enunciate complete words. Moving on…to Brody Jenner…who is a hottie no doubt…but do you think he loves himself a bit too much? He is surely the kind of character that gets killed off early in those teen horror movies. Audrina Patridge is OK, but her choice in men, Ryan Cabrera…well…I have to agree with Brody and Kristin when their eyes said it all on the last episode when they were talking about Ryan. Cabrera is a fotz, rendering Audrina clueless. Last but not least, there is Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt…where there is little to say. He needs to be bitch slapped and put into a looney bin and she needs to move in with her sister, Holly Montag, the only likable one on the show, and piece together an assemblance of a normal life. Will I continue watching? No. Will I be missing anything? No.

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