Young Hollywood Is So Old (Kernels of Dish)

May 15, 2010Breaking Newzzz

Brittny Gastineau not looking so Young Hollywood.

Perusing the images from the recent The 12th Annual Young Hollywood Awards felt more like an episode of  The I MEAN…WHAT?!? Nobody News. There was a time when Britney, Lindsay, and Paris made their way down the red carpet, cementing Young Hollywood as the new media focus. They were the new Naomi, Linda and Christie. Now those chicks are onto other things…what…I am not sure…but who or what was at this event in their stead was sad and not hot…and in some cases…not young. Seems like this Young Hollywood thing is over. Let’s start with Brittny Gastineau. First of all, she looks like everyone’s mother. As for other non-notables on the red carpet, we have Matisse, the singer…exactly…but who for sure, she will be a break out star. And the always naughty Peaches Geldof…looking a little preggers with her version of Perez Hilton in tow. Then there were like thirty totally no-ones smiling bright for the camera with an occasional reality show star like Doug Reinhardt and a cast off from Americas’s Next Top Model Cycle 4002. Event host, Bonnie Fuller was the biggest star on the carpet…OK…except for the Jonas Brothers….who must have been cringing to be there. There were more sponsors on the step and repeat than anything else.

Matisse will have a big summer song, Better Than Her. Click the video and get ready to boogie.

Actually…listen to this song by Matisse. I really like it as sugary sweet pop as it is.


Peaches Geldof and her tragic fashionista BFF.

This guy was surely there in the hopes of poaching some Young Hollywood tang.

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