Shame on Wu…Is Ashley Dupre Jason’s new muse?

Happy Hooker

Happy Hooker

So, let me get this straight. Jason Wu, designer of the moment, yes the one that made Michelle Obama’s inaugural gown, which I thought made her look pregnant from both sides, actually had Ashley Dupre sit front row at his fashion show on Friday. I mean…whaaaaaaat?!? According to the NY Post, “While everyone was waiting with bated breath to see if First Lady Michelle Obama might show up at Jason Wu’s show, instead it was kicked off by lady of the evening Ashley Dupre.” To quote my friend Carrie Fisher here, “These are the options?” Are you trying to tell me that when Jason Wu’s PR hacks found out that Michelle was no way going to attend, that this was the next best option to get him some press? If they had NO celebrities in attendance, that would have been the smarter, cooler, more sophisticated thing to do. Whoever does Jason Wu’s publicity should be ashamed of selves. And since the buck stops with Jason…SHAME ON WU! As I mentioned earlier this week in my blog (scroll down bitch) I mention that NY is the Emperor’s-New-Clothes capitol of the world. And this Dupre maneuver proves my point. If this is considered a good press get, then  I have some sheer kelly green organza that you can have to make into a diaper for yourself. tell me... tell me...

And on another note, I need to double back to the Michelle Obama white dress that Wu made. Everyone in this town knows that it made her look heavy. Heavier than she really is. I think Michelle is great. But since the fahionista society is so busy sashaying up Obama’s ass, that they can’t speak. And say how they really feel? Not doing it. God forbid they get black- listed from the next eight years of social climbing. That would be too much to bear for those people in the business that chose sucking up as their profession. OK, look here and tell me. Does this dress do her any favors? Michelle, you’re fierce. Please call me next time to stick in my two cents on what you should wear. (Let’s not forget the Election Night sunburst debacle.) I’d like to suggest the designers who dress Susan Sarandon, America Ferrara or Meryl Streep (sometimes)…women with solid bodies that make fierce red carpet appearances.

As far as I’m concerned, you should be saying Jason Who?



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