Hey People Magazine… You Missed One

Nov 17, 2011People We Lerve

Chuy Bravo needs to be on the People's Sexiest Man Alive List... no?

As for the People’s Sexiest Man Alive List, what were those editors on? Crack? Don’t answer that. From the looks of the guys that “made it” to the list, I am not so sure that being on that list is so important anymore. Gone are the days when Brad Pitt and John John Kennedy were the face of male beauty. But if you think that Joel McHale and Justin Theroux are in the same league as them…well…I have some land in the Poconos I can sell you. Or a bridge to nowhere…or…you get my drift. Last night OUT magazine crowned Andrej Pejic the Man or Whatever of the Year at the OUT 100. That said, Chuy Bravo and Andrej are far more interesting. Hey Chelsea Handler, maybe we should collab on a new list of hotties.

And while we're at it, let's add Andrej Pejic, the OUT 100 Man of the Year to the list.

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