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I have heard just about enough from the Tea Party, the Tea Baggers, the morons, whatever you want to call them. What country do we live in and worse, what year is this?  When I think back to when the United States was truly, beautifully motivated for change, back in the late 1960’s, when our message was Women’s Rights, Black Power, Student’s Rights, Stop The War, Peace Now, Flower Power, Peace, Love and Woodstock, it makes me sad at the rhetoric we hear now from crowds. Many of these Tea Baggers can barely string together a coherent sentence and worse,… Read More »

I simply must get political with you for one minute. Sure, Obama’s in (yay) and Republicans are dwindling like ad revenues from glossy magazines (boo), but something extremely odd happened yesterday in the state of New York and I am not sure what to do about this. For sure I need to share my histrionics. In a horrendous twist of fate, two Senate Democrats in New York state have crossed the aisle to become (shudder at the thought) REPUBLICANS! This is as bad, worse, than Darth Vader crossing over to the Dark Side. This is like the Evil Empire Strikes… Read More »

I have avoided commenting on American Idol but couldn’t resist after last nights hullabaloo? What in tarnation was that horeene Kara DioGuardi song? She’s a judge because why? Couldn’t you just see Simon barfing at that song? I sure wish he would have been his usual twitty self with her as he’s been with every contestant since the show began. “Kara, that was self-indulgent nonsense.” With the extensive world-wide attention that this season has garnered due to the Gay vs. Christian debate, I doubt if I could add anything to what has already being said by millions of obsessed fans.… Read More »

Here’s what we know: Rome was not built in a day. Here’s what we think: The Lord created heaven and earth in 6 days. And if you believe that, then I have a plot of land in the Poconos I’d like to sell you. I mean…what’s with this 100 Days nonsense and these phony benchmarks? Obama is doing the best he can given the situation he is in. What do we–the public he is trying to help–benefit by laying on more pressure?  Sure, I know the pundits, Republicans and bloviators need something to talk about. But turning over the 100… Read More »

I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I watched part of the Miss USA “Pageant” last night and can’t believe what a bubble those women live in.  Last night’s show was like watching RuPaul’ Drag Race on MTV earlier this year. You have a group of overly made up (lip-liner for days), big-haired, plastic-looking people vying for the top spot, waltzing around on stage in bad Debbie Reynolds Vegas drag, glittered up the ass, and answering silly questions. So, what’s the difference? At least with Drag Race, there were more laughs. When people take themselves too seriously, it’s hard to really… Read More »

Enough already with this nationwide outcry about AIG, or the way Geitner is handling the economy, the bank bailout, or what the fuck A-Rod is up to (hookers, Madonna, steroids). You’ve all let out some steam, now stop. First of all, if you go back several days on my blog, I was already expressing my anger and even warned AIG staffers to run for the hills for dear life. But after a weekend of mob anger, shriying (screaming in Yiddish) from the mountaintops and plenty of bogus airtime filled with bloviators and Republicans, I say enough is enough. Oh, and… Read More »

Here are the leading perpetrators of hawking way too much Republican manifesto blabber, and they need to stop. Better, they need to shut the fuck up while we try to calmly navigate through the uncharted waters of getting this country through an unprecedented financial crisis, the largest in our lifetime. I am not eloquent enough to go on and argue the Democratic side now populating the bloviator news channels, but what I do know (as a layman) is that whatever these clowns were saying over the past eight years DID NOT WORK and a big reason why were are where… Read More »