Lindsay Lohan Exposed

Dec 5, 2009People We Lerve

This is one of those weeks where things land on my lap with no rhyme or reason, and it is all beyond hilarious. My friend, Yu Tsai, an amazing photographer & film maker shot an 18-page spread for Muse, a Milan based Fashionart magazine. The beautifully shot and lit spread features Lindsay Lohan, Petey Wright and Sofia Boutella in one sexy photo shoot inspired by Kate Moss and Johnny Depp circa early 1990’s. It’s a amazing art piece. Over the next few days, you will see more images revealed to the press, and then finally a beautiful two-minute video from the shoot that is by far her best work. Lindsay looks stunning as she channels Kate Moss and Petey could be Johnny’s son.

Wait till you see the images of La Lohan and the two other hotties.

Wait till you see the images of La Lohan and the two other hotties.

Thank you Jorge Perez and Bobby Heller from Opus Reps in Los Angeles.

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41 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan Exposed”

  1. Trish says:

    Well thank you Heller for again ruining any change of Lohan's movie comeback. They are all just trying to make a buck out of her. She has a slut reputation a mile long and she does a naked photoshoot?

    She was once praised by Mery Streep. What a tragic fall.

  2. D.H. says:

    Abe, why would Lindsay Lohan do this? She has already become a caricature in terms of sexuality. This only seems to further an image. Does she not have anyone giving her advice? All this causes is more rumors and more hatred to her. When a person is already seen as hypersexualized and promiscious, the worst move is to be in a photoshoot like this. It is reminiscent of the Madonna "Sex" book which, while meant to convey eroticism, came across as a bad joke. A goody-two shoes actress could have made this interesting. Instead this seems like people making a young woman think something incredibly stupid is a good idea. One of the things that is intriguing is how Lohan expresses shock when rumors get started and when Samantha Ronson, her longtime on-off girlfriend, dumps her. When an actress does something like this and shows no respect for themselves or the person they are with what does one expect. The GLBT community does not need a woman in a same sex romance pretending she can't get enough man in a photoshoot or making fun of her bisexuality.

    This isn't as hilarious as it is sad.

  3. D.H. says:

    Abe, I know better than that. It is an extremely poor move. You can bet media response will range from downright dismissal to hostile anger. Also this really does ridicule her relationship. It is one thing in a movie but this is an actress doing a photoshoot for no reason in which she is portraying herself as a slab of meat with of course the man in charge. I also wonder about the female model. Let me guess – photos of the man in control while she flirts with a woman. If so I am really going to be sick. Get back to me in a few days but trust me that this is going to go across as awful. The lesbian and bisexual female community will just love her making fun of them. Even if we both know that was not her intent. She is on twitter last night begging for her girlfriend to come back to her while expressing shock. Maybe someone found out about how overdone this shoot was.

    • Abe Gurko says:

      Douglas, The media…whatever that means really…oh right…nothing…will just do what they always do, which is ridicule what ever they can get their hands on. This shoot is stunning. And if the media and people can't stop with the judgments for 5 minutes and appreciate a piece of art then the problem is really not with Lindsay at all. The problem lies with "those who sit in judgment…shall not judge." My favorite quote of all time.

  4. D.H. says:

    Abe, the media is a means of mass communication. The media, whether it be radio, magazines, blogs, etc. is going to pile on while expressing this confirms what they have said all along. They will also use this for the seemingly interminable Lindsay needs a man rumors. A person in the entertainment industry should be aware of what they are doing and how it will come across when it comes to something like this. The overall image of Lohan is a promiscious, out of control woman who is not serious about her girlfriend and messes around any man she is seen with. This is not fair at all but that it is the image. The Johnny Depp/Kate Moss photos were of a couple in love and wanting to express that to people. What is Lohan's message? How does this serve her in any way? How does playing into male fantasies of her as a bisexual woman who really needs a man contribute to her being taken seriously? The photo above looks tawdry. Of course, tawdry can be art but this makes as much sense as Robert Pattinson doing an homage to Mapplethorpe's "Sausalito". Lindsay looks like the plaything of some guy. If she had done this with Ronson maybe it works. Here it looks like a joke. This is a young woman in serious pain and deluding herself into stuff like this which she thinks can help her. It does the opposite.

    • Abe Gurko says:

      Wait till all the images are released. You'll see. And the video too. This is just the cover of the magazine. They needed to use one that is provocative or whatever you want to call it. And she is anything but the play thing of some guy. Just sit back…relax…and you'll see. It's really a beautiful story.

  5. D.H. says:

    Abe, by the way nice discussing this. While we disagree, you have been corteous and friendly. The sad thing is if she had done this with her girlfriend it would have made sense and not caused the hatred that will be ensuing. It will be brutal so she will need all the defenders she can get on this. Since the video will be released last, that might give some time to see the vicious response to the photos and maybe advise your friends to put that video on ice.

    Rumors of her being with the male model, which she attacked and which were proven erroneous, started just based on a tweetpic so these photos will make things worse. Those rumors appeared to have devastated her so I hope it does not get too bad. However I think it will. Anyways again nice talking to you even if we have very different opinions.

    • Abe Gurko says:

      Let me at least gt the last word on this because it is my blog and I'll cry if I want to…This is an art piece. She does not need to do something like this with her girlfriend. She played a character in a beautiful short art film, where still were shot as well to document it. These 2 minutes vignettes are the future of fashion advertising, utilizing the internet is a very sophisticated way. that is what needs to be garnered from this. Seeing art and fashion in a new stunningly shot and lit way. All other comments not applicable. Just not.

  6. damion says:

    Art is not just beauty but also concept, Abe!. Art is meant to be interesting, new, exciting!!
    This is kind of boring ideawise and although the shots may be beautiful they aren't really expressing anything other the average FHM,GQ shot
    It's not interesting or original putting lohan in a bed with her tit hanging out and some guy grabbing her.
    It could have been if yu tsai had chosen to do the shoot and portray her in a more empowering way.
    Instead he chose to play up what has already made her a cartoonish character in the media. Nothing new or revelatory here based on the one pic you have posted.
    Or maybe I am missing the point and the shot was meant to be a send up/parody of Lohan in a sort of superironic way?

    • Abe Gurko says:

      This is the only image allowed to be released till next week. Please just kick back and wait till the whole visual is released. We can haggle and argue then. OK?

  7. Kate says:

    Lindsay is unique in my humble opinion. In her whole life she has shown she is different.

    She very easily and clearly could have been America's Sweetheart , pretending to be clean , straight and sweet. She chose differently .

    She is still very young and already have done so many things , that actresses-models etc, will take years to do . People forget she has already be in movies with Streep ,Fonda , Deniro.

    Magazines , and bloggers easily write her off . I believe there are great things ahed of her.

    Can't wait for the pictures

  8. D.H. says:

    Abe, sorry but I got to reply to Damion and Kate.

    Damion, very good point. All this does is play up the worst traits of Lohan's image. It also plays up the same old image of bisexual women as needing a man belief. This really does seem to be male fantasy territory. I have absolutely no comprehension of why she didn't do this shoot with a woman only or by herself. It's also hard to figure out if it is a poorer idea to do this with a man or a man and a woman – since in either case it is male fantasy being played out – man gets well known bisexual woman who is in romance with a woman or man gets two women. I don't think bisexual women or lesbians will find it that beautiful. Let alone the rumors that will start up again. we know she is modeling but that won't stop the rumors which will no doubt be about Lindsay Lohan needs a man.

    Kate, I hope so but she has only done a few days of filming in the last year. That would be Machete. For her to gain back fans at this point she needs to clean up the image and not revel in it. The good thing is most fans could care less that she loves a woman and she should be commended for being an out actress when most lesbians and bisexuals in Hollywood are not. The bad news is that her other moves have been poorly though out and show no understanding of how to get back on top.

  9. damion says:

    Aight then Abe. It doesn't look great so far though. Even old lagerfeld would have come up with something less obvious and more up to date concept wise then what Yu tsai did with this "story".

    Sometimes fashion becomes art. But most of the times its just commercial shoots.

    • Abe Gurko says:

      What say we all just have this conversation later this week. I am not interested in changing anyone's opinion of anyone. This video rocks. You don't have to agree with me. When all is said and done, that you for sharing.

  10. Abe,
    I'm not a big fan of LL but now I'm curious to see the editorial! There is just no point to judge it now…

  11. Abe says:

    A man after my own heart. Thanks Antonio. Leaving judgment aside until the whole story is revealed. Our legal system used to be based on the same premise…innocent until proven guilty. But that kind of got pushed to the side. Everything hinges of the court of public opinion…and a scary process it is. Peace. Love your blog. Am gonna add it to my Sites We Lerve.

  12. Ruth says:

    Thanx Abe i'm excited to see this photoshoot & the video, by the way you talk about them i believe it would be amazing, i am from the few group of people that think Lindsay is good actress and she can prove that here.

  13. Ellyn says:

    Abe, when will the rest of the photos be up on your site. I'd like to see what all of the fuss is about. Also, I can't believe that there is already a recreation of a shoot done in the early 90's. I feel so old!

    • Abe Gurko says:

      Image will be up by Wednesday. We can chat then about the pix and how I we both feel. My question is what is next, "Oh, that outfit is sooo 2000?" OUCH!

  14. Valentina says:

    Do not hurry with unnecessary comments! Let's see, the whole session, which we will be kindly provided. I do not doubt one bit that Lindsay would be great, as always! Yes, I am a fan of her and support her. And who, we judge ultimately? This young girl, worked hard from an early age. She is extremely talented and charismatic and is not necessary to deny it and. Come on people, free from taboo to impose our morality fake. She is will be brilliant, I'm sure! I accept this as an innovative advertising solution! Would be better, if we can respect and appreciate the work of others! Good day for everyone!
    P.S. I do not know the language – using an online translator. I hope is understandable! I tried to write a simple.

  15. Kate says:

    Bla bla bla bla . I can't wait for the pictures.

  16. T says:

    Why in the world did they use this cover? Look at her left eye. She looks so f***k up. Just what a young actress with a shaky career needs. A nude editorial. I'm sure directors will line up to cast her after this. Who ever advises Lindsay needs to be slapped. I'm sure the photographer and the mad owner is thrilled about the shoot. Who cares that Lindsay will once again be seen as a slut who these days can only take her clothes off? You think this will help Ungaro? She is a running joke in Hollywood.

  17. Richard says:

    So when does the magazine and video come out?

  18. D.H. says:

    Abe, I noticed on Fashion Spot they absolutely hate the cover and most are questioning why (1) Lohan would do this and (2) why with a man if she is in a relationship with a woman. You promised it was beautiful. Well I noticed this.

    Below is a photo of a naked man, in a dominant position, on top of a naked Lindsay Lohan. You said it would not depict Lohan as a male's plaything. Sorry but this is male fantasy all the way. It is also startling in it's sleaziness. When you say it is beautiful is it because you believe a woman should be with a man and not a woman? Or do you believe a man should have two women? I am really trying hard to see your logic but what I see is disgraceful. Lindsay Lohan has shown little ability to make smart decisions. She also has some bad people around her. Rumors are abounding that she was dumped by Ronson this week due to poor decisions. I wonder if this was one of them. I know if I saw my lover doing shots like this I'd be sick to my stomach. Anyways great male fantasy in which the magazine sells well and Lohan is made to look horrible. It also does very little for the GLBT community.

    • Abe Gurko says:

      Dougie, you really have to be kidding. All these opinions and convictions about someone you don't know and you think you are doing a service to the GLBT community? Yikes. Think again.

  19. D.H. says:

    Abe, you told me she would not be a plaything. The guy is on top of her. How is that not a male fantasy? You're not answering any of the questions. I am not kidding. Do you have any awareness of how this will make her look and how it will make lesbian/bisexual women look? The tabloids will have a field day with this which I guess was the intent from Mr. Heller and Mr. Perez. Again why with a man and why do you think that is beautiful (since the photo looks horrid)? Does no one have this woman's back?

    As far as Lohan's behavior, she was all over her twitter upset that Ronson would not come home. Ronson then stated they were not together later that night for all to see. Stop defending please and give some answers. You said it was beautiful. Please tell how and if it is because it is a woman known for being in a romance with a woman having a man on top of her.

  20. D.H. says:

    I have now seen 4 photo's and it only looks worse. The three others, besides the cover, consist of her and the male model (already discussed), her and two persons (male and female), and her in a bathroom. The one of her with just the male model is posed as if they are having sex with Lohan's eyes closed. Of all 4 it is the only one that is a halfway decent shot. That it asserts male dominance over a woman who is in a romance with a woman in real life (well at least until something went down the middle of this week – maybe Samantha Ronson seeing these photo's for the first time) is troubling to say the least. The next is a poorly done photo. Lindsay, again with her eyes looking tired and with a generally unhealthy look to her, and another woman dote on the man. Hearts are drawn on the man with "LL". There is no sensual play between the women. It is all about the man and loving him. This cannot be considered a model just doing a photoshoot. This is Lindsay Lohan and she uses her initials on the body. The concept is clear. The woman's sexual interest or I should say both women's sexual interest is the man and that first woman is Lindsay (not a character). The 4th photo is staggeringly inept. Lohan, looking ill and apparently doing some type of drug chic, poses in a bathroom hallway with her back to us. As with the cover and the photo with both a man and woman she looks sickly. It appears that string is hanging out of her butt.

    These photo's are an embarrassment to her. They are clearly a male fantasy. They do not capture the tone of Kate Moss and Johnny Depp, who were lovers, but capture the tone of a sleazy get together with two women fawning over a man. They also play into the concept of Lohan wanting men and this article plays on that.

    I posted at the beginning what the response would be and it has been worse than I said it would be. Your concept of beautiful is tremendously different from most persons. A predictable concept, a bisexual woman in a romance with a woman played up as a man's plaything, and photos where she looks out of it may be beautiful in your book. Don't expect much love except from the most fanatical Lindsay Lohan followers.

    • Abe Gurko says:

      I am not sure why you have taken to the soap box regarding Miss Lohan. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. OK, we disagree. Something tells me I would disagree with you about a plethora of issues. Clearly there is nothing Lindsay can do besides, perhaps, a remake of Mary Poppins that will make you happy. (Miss Poppins was kind of gay…right?) Until then, I suggest if you even see the words Lindsay and Lohan in the same sentence, anywhere…that you just keep going, rather than write a soliloquy of what is right and wrong for her life. I dare ask what it is you do for a living, where you live and how you spend your free time. But, something tells me you need an outlet to share this.

  21. jk says:

    I read all the comments and looked at the photos so far…I adore Lindsay the actress-her voice, her charisma,her presence.Won't a good director give her a chance?I am looking forward to the video but really-I just want to see Lil Lindz i films.

  22. Vicki says:

    Having watched the video, and looked at all of the photos, I have to agree with D.H. here. I see nothing artistic in this at all. The shoot of Johnny Depp and Kate Moss was artistic and erotic- this looks like a crack addict having cheap sex. She looks sickly, which is a shame as she once was so beautiful. It makes me sad that this is what she has come to. I can't see where this is going to give her the comeback she desires- I can only imagine this is going to put her deeper in the hole. What a shame.

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